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Our clients are companies, organisations, and countries that face international challenges. At the moment, K-Street primarily works with individual countries, large companies in the industrial sector, and international agencies. We work with several partners in different markets.


K-Street Advisors is a business and strategy consultancy company specialising in international problem-solving. K-Street Advisors works with everything from the analysis of international corporate challenges to strategies for international expansion, education, community relations, and the provision of staff with experience of working abroad under challenging conditions.


We primarily work with international and national problem-solving and the hiring out of specialists. We also have extensive consultancy experience in business strategies, crisis/risk management, security, communications, government relations/public affairs and education.

K-Street Advisors started out in 2005 and is a knowledge-based company and strategic partner for businesses, project teams, senior executives, and boards. We have extensive experience of working with challenging issues and solving complex problems both in Sweden and internationally. By combining our knowledge of business strategies, communication strategies, risk and crisis management, marketing, security, and practical implementation, we can both act as an advisor and work with projects directly. As a company we are focused, highly creative, and serious. Currently we work with major industrial companies, organisations, and agencies in other countries, as well as with governments.


Our goal is to help our clients succeed in their international ventures, to provide support for complex strategic issues, and to manage practical challenges on site. We do this by being an active, business-oriented, and dedicated partner.


In addition to being a strategic advisor, K-Street Advisors’ primary focus is the provision of staff and hiring out of consultants internationally. We take good care of our staff and focus on continuous contact, mentoring, education and training, fitness, and mental preparation.


K-Street Advisors has a number of partners and the express strategy of working with unique suppliers within each area and each individual market.


Aside from being a knowledge-based company, K-Street continually seeks to invest in developing companies at an early stage. K-Street contributes to these companies’ development with both capital and expertise. We call this “intelligent money”.


Welcome to secure your international business




K-Street Advisors has extensive experience in strategic decision-making and practical implementation in the fields of communications and community relations. We can assist with the preparation of new markets, with the analysis of existing communications, and with understanding the boundary between politics and business, as well as with both external and internal communication. We also have courses in media, lobbying, and crisis/risk communication.


K-Street develops tailor-made strategic and operational action plans and consultancy services to minimise risks and threats. This is all done to protect your most important assets and ensure your continued ability to operate and deliver. We carry out security analyses, work with international security, implement strategic planning, and work tactically to develop clear and concrete action plans. In addition, we can support the operational work required to minimise the impact from and damage caused by any incidents.


Making the correct choice is the foundation of all business, especially when working in areas that don’t form part of your home market. K-Street has many years of experience in making strategic decisions and analyses to validate your business ventures. We work with e.g. qualitative studies, analysis, consultancy, strategies, business intelligence, and bases for making decisions.


Well-trained and well-prepared staff is one of our most important assets. In addition to training in communications, crisis and risk management, and security, our training also covers soft values, including conflict management, morals and ethics, country-specific culture, and religion. Together with our established partners, we can tailor our training to our clients’ needs. Examples include electrical safety, HSE, and DHLR. K-Street also has its own HEAT training for staff who travel to hostile areas.


K-Street hires out specialist staff and consultants for international assignments of varying lengths. Our staff have extensive international experience, all necessary training, and cultural understanding. They constantly keep safety in mind, and have a finely tuned moral compass and backbone. Our consultants are adventurous. They are happy to work abroad and encounter other cultures. Our consultants are artisans, as well as being specialists in leading roles, project management, and support. At K-Street, we and our staff are always available to support you and follow the development of international assignments. We invest in the skills development of our staff for the benefit of our clients and have a long-term focus.


Doing business internationally always involves an increased level of risk. Knowing the risks and being prepared with a crisis plan, as well as being able to manage a crisis situation, are important both from a confidence point of view and a financial perspective. K-Street Advisors performs risk analyses of communication and confidence risks, as well as from a security perspective. We create plans to mitigate risks, establish emergency plans, and are available for both advisory and operational support during a crisis situation.


K-Street continually seeks to invest in developing companies. The company must have share capital, a functioning organisation, and a solid business concept. K-Street contributes to these companies’ development with both capital and expertise. We call this “intelligent money”. For more information, please submit a meeting request and information about your company to info@kstreet.se and let’s meet for an initial no-obligation meeting.

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K-Street news

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    We congratulate the Swedish Team participating in World Police Sailing Championship for their brilliant excecution in Croatia 2018. The world Police games are vital to maintain cross border and international relations.  Well done!...

  • K-Street and POLARM partnership

    K-Street Advisors are proud to present our world wide partner company POLARM International. http://www.polarmgroup.com.   “POLARM is an internationally recognised Security, Protection and Intelligence organisation. We work with governments, the military, police, rescue agencies and corporate clients around the world in a variety of security......

  • Arbeta internationellt hos K-Street

    Är du en driven person som vill arbeta med utmanande arbetsuppgifter internationellt? Är du intresserad av nya erfarenheten och nya möjligheter? Är du ingenjör eller hantverkare med erfarenhet från industri, projektledning, byggnation, el och energi, ventilation/kyla, vvs. Sök till oss på K-Street Advisors   Om......

  • K-Street Advisor sponsors BJJ world cup athlete

    In accordance with our strategy to focus on physical and mental health we are currently sponsoring the 3 time European gold medalist Tony Silvernäs road to the world cup in Los Angeles 2016. We look forward to follow his journey through the Nordic Cup in......

The numbers speak for themselves 


Cups of coffee


Creative solutions to problems


Executed strategies


What we do for our clients is totally dependent on the individual client’s problems or opportunities. We guide our clients through a structured process to identify what needs to be done. We work according to the notion that a well-made analysis forms the basis for the strategy, operational work, and creative solutions. K-Street Advisors always strives to identify what offers the best value and we dare to be innovative. We always work cost-effectively – with a long-term focus and structure.


    K-Street is always on the lookout for partners and consultants. We are a magnet for people looking to work abroad on exciting international assignments. We’re looking for specialists, artisans, and senior executives